Saudi Arabia GACA New Travel Guide
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Saudi Arabia GACA New Travel Guide

Saudi Arabia GACA New Travel Guide

General Authority of Civil Aviation issued an updated guide for travelers, including previously applied procedures in addition to new preventive measures, in conjunction with allowing citizens to travel abroad  in accordance with the health procedures for this stage.

The new version highlighted several new procedures for travelers, including the requirement to apply Tawakolna upon entry to the airport, that travel be for the categories permitted to travel and in accordance with the requirements specified by the competent authorities, and that entry to the airport is restricted to those who carry travel tickets, except for those with disabilities, with the necessity to ensure health requirements Applied at the intended destination and comply with any precautionary measures.

Saudi Arabia GACA New Travel Guide

The guide urged travelers to go to the airport well in advance of the flight, and to make sure of the health condition at the entrance gates to the airport lounges, warning that those whose temperature exceeds 38 degrees Celsius should be prevented from entering the airport, and the guide encouraged the use of electronic payment methods and the reduction in the use of banknotes, and commitment By escalating according to the seat areas of the plane by the service provider, and applying physical spacing between passengers in all parking places.

According to the guide, all the sailors and passengers inside the plane are obligated to wear masks and gloves throughout the duration of the flight, to maintain social distancing as much as possible, and according to the occupancy rate of the plane, in addition to allowing the provision of meals and air sales during the flight, and the closure of the prayer hall in the plane if any, as well as continuing to apply Precautionary measures after every trip.


Saudi Arabia Travel To 13 Countries Are Suspended

Ministry of Interior affirmed that citizens continue to ban travel, either directly or through another country, to 13 countries without prior permission from the concerned authorities.

She explained that the countries are: (Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, Turkey, Armenia, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Belarus, India), and any other country in which the pandemic has not yet been controlled or the spread of the mutated strain has been proven. Of the virus in it.

The Ministry of Interior called on citizens wishing to travel to the countries to which travel is permitted to exercise caution and stay away from areas where instability prevails or witnesses the spread of the virus, and to follow all precautionary measures, regardless of their destination.

She indicated that this comes as a supplement to the statement issued on Jumada Al-Awwal 29, 1442 AH, corresponding to January 13, 2021AD, regarding the warning against travel to a number of countries, and in the Kingdom’s concern for the safety and security of citizens wishing to travel abroad when the time for it is allowed, starting from one in the morning of the day Monday 10/5/1442 AH corresponding to 5/17/2021 AD, and in light of the security conditions and instability prevailing in a number of countries


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