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All visas are available except Umrah and Tourism for some countries

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Consular Affairs, Ambassador Tamim Al-Dosari, said that the suspended visas within the precautionary measures to prevent the new Corona virus are “Umrah” and “tourism” visas for some countries.

Ambassador Al-Dosari confirmed that the rest of the visa types are still open and available for application and were not affected by the suspension decision.

Regarding the arrivals to attend the G20 summit in the Kingdom, Al-Dosari confirmed that the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the G-20 are coordinating on procedures for the arrival of official visitors to the Kingdom.

He explained that all official visitors are subject to the health controls prescribed by the government of the Kingdom.

This came during the conference held today (Sunday) to clarify the precautionary measures and health preparations to prevent the outbreak of the new Corona virus

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