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Allowed And Banned Items On Dubai Airport


Dubai is one of the famous and established state of United Arab Emirate.It is economically strong and financially very rich,moreover its also very beautiful and well developed and well constructed which attracts tourist from all over the world for tourism purpose and many unemployed people visit dubai for work without and also with family.

So to travel to Dubai or from Dubai you should know about the items that are you packing in your luggage and hand bags.

Seeing airport security throw away your things can be frustrating. But you can save yourself a lot of hassle by understanding all the rules and packing your luggage correctly. Airports have rules in place as to what you can and cannot pack in your checked in luggage as well as your cabin baggage when you travel.

If you are planning to travel out of the UAE, it can be difficult to remember what items you can and should not bring onto airplanes or into your checked in luggage.


All bags brought into UAE airports must have:

• At least one flat surface

• Round and irregular shaped parcels will not be accepted at check in

• Your bag also shouldn’t have a long strap.

• You can check in rectangular luggage

• A handbag with a flat bottom or any box, as long as it is sealed properly.

• If your bag doesn’t have at least one flat surface or is irregularly shaped and oversized, it will be immediately rejected at check-in.


According to Dubai Airports:

• A maximum two pieces of baggage are allowed for international travel

• with the total weight not exceeding 32 kg.

• However, this definitely varies by airline and fare type.

• Always make sure you check with your airline before you fly.

• Baggage larger than 90 cm long, 75 cm high and 60 cm wide, or that does not have a single flat surface, will need to be checked in at the oversized baggage counter as it won’t be accepted on the standard size luggage scanning belt.


Usually airlines accept two pieces of hand luggage.

1- A shoulder bag such as a purse, laptop bag and backpack, as well as a small cabin bag.

2- Cabin baggage should have a maximum length of 56 cm, width of 45 cm and depth of 25 cm including all handles, side pockets and wheels.


These days the restriction on liquids is universal, although enforcement of the rules may vary from country to country.

In UAE airports, all liquids should be packed inside a clear, re-sealable plastic bag, within your hand baggage. The item can’t be more than 100 ml and the total of all your items can’t exceed one litre.

Medication, baby milk and foods and special dietary requirements to be used during the trip.


At UAE Airport you are asked to declare the amount of money you carrying on your journey.They keep a close eye on the laundering and suspicious financial activities.

All incoming and outgoing passengers, who are 18 years and above, should declare the money they possess whether in cash, cheques or precious jewellery if they are worth more than Dh60,000.

You can declare cash and goods easily online. Dubai Customs’ ‘iDeclare’ smart application simplifies the Customs clearance process for passengers by enabling self-declaration of their must-declare commercial goods, personal effects, or cash either pre, or post-arrival at the airport, reducing the time needed for that to less than four minutes.


There are also penalty on food items you can carry only certain type of food items:

•20 kg of yoghurt

•50 litres of oil (including olive oil)

• 10 kg of various types of vegetables and fruits

• 100 kg dates

• 10 kg sweets and bread

•30 kg of grains, cereals and red meat

• 10 kg of fish and seafood

•500 gm of caviar

•11 kg of eggs

•20 kg for honey and sugar products

• 5 kg for herbs and spices including vinegar, orange blossom water and rose water

•500 gm of saffron

• 10 kg of special-purpose food such as children’s food is allowed

• 20 litres of drinks and syrups including water

• 5 kg of juice concentrates

• 25 kg of canned food.



• Beta Methodology

• Cannabis

• Codoxime

• Concentration of poppy straw

• Fentanyl

• Methadone

• Morphine

• Opium

• Oxycodone

• Phenoperidine


• Ketamine

• Codeine

• Cathinone

• Amphetamine

• Pentobarbital

• Bromazepam

• Risperidone

• Tramadol


• All kinds of narcotic drugs, including hashish, cocaine, heroin, poppy seeds and hallucination pills.

• Betel leaves (paan) and Naswar

• Goods intended to be imported from boycotted countries.

• Crude ivory and rhinoceros horn.

• Gambling tools and machineries.

• Three layers fishing nets.

• Original engravings, prints, lithographs, sculpture and statues in any material.

•Used, reconditioned and inlaid tyres.

•Radiation polluted substances.

• Printed publications, oil paintings, photographs, pictures, cards, books, magazines, stone sculptures and mannequins which contradict Islamic teachings, decencies, or deliberately implying immorality or turmoil.

• Any other goods, the importation of which is prohibited under the authority of UAE customs laws or any other laws in the country.

• Forged and duplicate currency.

• Cooked and home-made foods.

• Frozen poultry and birds


• Passenger’s personal belongings are permitted entry and shall be exempted from customs fees.

• Still and moving image video cameras with their appropriate tapes, films and accessories for personal use.

• Cash money, currencies and travelers cheques altogether less than Dh60,000 and the passenger’s age shall not be less than 18 years old.

• Radio systems, combined broadcasting apparatus, CD and DVD players with agreeable quantities for personal use

• Telescopes

• Mobile telephone

• Portable TV sets

• Computers including laptops

• Baby strollers

• Portable music equipment

• Personal sports equipment

• Portable typing sets

• Portable calculators

• Disabled wheelchairs and cars


The UAE Federal Customs Authority mentions that the penalty for smuggling could be either fines or imprisonment from 1 month to 3 years, or both fines and prison time, or the confiscation of items and tools used in smuggling, depending on the type of the smuggling crime and smuggled items.

So to get rid of the prison and fine than you should know all about the rules an regulations of the airline which you want to travel in!!

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