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Allowed And Banned Items On Saudi Airport


Saudi Arabia is a holy place and people visit this country mostly for hajj and ummrah.In addition to holy purpose people from all over the world visit this economically strong country to establish their business because it provides a good business environment to live a successful life.

Before you pack your bags, you should know what is allowed and what is not.Forbiden items are taken by police officers at saudi airport and sometime you can be fined with a heavy amount of money in case of illegal stuff.To avoid this situation, be prepared and pack only items that are allowed on flights. Before all that, you need to do research, and we can help you with researching and learning. So, if you do not have enough time, just follow our simple guide.

You should also know about the rules and regulation of the particular country which you want to visit because every country has its own rules especially Muslim countries are really sensitive about the stuff you carrying.
Sometimes, items you think are ordinary, they are not. So, it can be bad if you research a little bit and get all the right information.


Now we will enlist the things or items that are allowed on Saudi airport because every airline has its own rules and rest of the passengers must follow it to get rid of any trouble in serious cases you may also get into the jail by police.

SAUDIA allows each passenger to carry a certain amount of hand luggage according to the class of travel, and are under the custody and responsibility of the passenger. All Hand luggage may be placed in the upper shelves within the aircraft.


• Adult and child allowed carrying on luggage.Infants means feeding babies are not allowed.

• A bag or hand-bag allowance (the size of the piece not to exceed 115 cm)

•A documents briefcase (the size of the piece not to exceed 100 cm)

• One piece does not exceed 12 kg in addition to a briefcase does not exceed 9 kg.


Now guest class flights have its own copy of rules:

• Hand bag (the size of the piece not to exceed 115 cm)

• The total weight of the luggage not to exceed 7 kg.

• It is also admissible to carry some personal belongings that are not calculated in the hand luggage weight limit (coat or cover / sunglass or sticks for walking / amplifier dual lens / small camera / women hand bag or purse for normal use only / book to read during the flight / food for children to be used during the flight / child cradle).

• Allow to carry only one piece of hand luggage.

• Allow to carry within the hand luggage some materials such as (food and milk for children / medicines / computer (laptop) / mobile phone and some necessary electrical materials / money and pessenger’s passports and travel documents.

• It is a must to use a transparent plastic bag to put food and milk for children / medicines (the total volume of all packages placed in the plastic bag is not to exceed one liter), to be examined by the security services.

• The traveler may have to provide proof for the fact of these drugs.

• The security authorities will confiscate the items that exceed the limits specified above, or when they are not placed in plastic bags.


These items you should not bring to the airport, never. It is banned and illegal. If you have such material with you during flight than you may face many problems and even jail. So, do not pack the given below things: • explosive
•any type of weapon
• flammable items
• pressure containers
• narcotics (cannabis or something else) •poisons
• radioactive materials
• corrosives
• oxidizers
• infectious materials.

All these items are banned on any airport in the world and also on Saudi airport.


Some items are forbidden to pack in your checked luggage. Of course, on the other hand, these are items that you should have in your carry-on bag. But, do not put these items in your suitcase.

For example:

• money
• mobile or other personal electronic devices
• passport and ID
• expensive jewelry
• medications
• keys
• documents, etc.

Everything that is very important to you, do not put in your luggage.It is for your safety so that the expensive things may not be misplaced.


Their is also a list of items allowed you can put in your hand bags you can not pack any thing according to your desire.Sometimes even the most ordinary items are forbidden on international flights. Probably you will be surprised what is prohibited.

• If you are traveling for camping or you are going to a music festival, do not carry your tent pegs with you in your hand luggage. If you pack them, they will get confiscated.

• Do not pack in your hand luggage more than one cigarette lighter.

• Another forbidden items on international flights are soups, water, mascara, etc. Liquids are forbidden.

• Medicine is a thing you can pack, but only if you have a prescription from a doctor.

• Peroxide is also forbidden. So, if you want to dye your hair, do it before your flight.

• Some items are only forbidden on international flights. For example, protein powder, coffee, powdered milk, spices are forbidden.

• If you want to take a nut butter, it must be under 100ml.

• Faux explosive and toy guns are forbidden items on international flights, even they are not real.

• You have been to France, and you want to take Brie cheese. Well, you cannot.

• Drones are forbidden because of batteries they use for work. Most drones use lithium batteries, and that is something you cannot have in your hand luggage.

So this was a short list of banned and also allowed items on Saudi airport in case of more information you can contact the airline you are traveling with!!

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