Saudi Visa

Apply For Saudi Visa Online

Apply Online to an Official Visa to Saudi Arabia! For Tourism or Umrah.

Apply Online to your Official Visa to Saudi Arabia! Approval in less than 24 hours.

Saudi Arabia is opening itself to tourism and has just started issuing Electronic Visas for Umrah and Tourism. If you are citizen of one of the eligible countries you can apply online directly from our App.

The eVisa is a multiple entry visa, valid for one year, which allows travellers to enter and travel to Saudi Arabia for up to 90 days each time.

With Our brand-new app you can:

  • Apply for your Official Electronic Visa- eVisa (individuals or groups) for Saudi Arabia
  • Check the status of your eVisa at any time
  • Receive Push Notification about the status of your eVisa
  • Receive eVisa information for Saudi Arabia

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