Arabic Urdu Translater

Mostly New Expates in saudi Arabia face too much difficulty because the can’t speak arabic so for this i have brought a very simple and unique App By which you can easily Learn Arabic.

Arabic – Urdu Talking Dictionary | Asaan Bol Chaal is a talking and traveling dictionary to learn and speak Arabic or Urdu. Asaan Arbi Bol Chaal is translator of Arabic sentences to Urdu and translator of Urdu to Arabic sentences.

Arabic – Urdu Talking Dictionary | Asaan AarbiBol Chaal is best talking dictionary compiled by Molna Shahid Javed and recomended by Molna Tariq Jameel. Arabic – Urdu Talking Dictionary | Asaan Aarbi Bol Chaal is also used in Maddrisa Tul Hasnain for talking between students of Madrisa.

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