AstraZeneca Vaccine In Pakistan
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AstraZeneca Vaccine In Pakistan

AstraZeneca Vaccine In Pakistan

Pakistani government once again changed its vaccine policy and has allowed men over the age of 18 to be vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine to remove travel barriers for Pakistanis traveling abroad but still in case of women you must be 40+ to take astrazeneca vaccine in pakistan. And For now Saudi Arabia Approved Vaccine astrazeneca is available for peoples traveling abroad to saudi arabia.

AstraZeneca Vaccine In Pakistan

In this regard we are receiving much more questions that which is mainly as

Can I Get Astrazeneca Vaccine After Taking One Dose Of Any China Vaccine?

And while talking about its possibility we must think about two aspects of this matter

Is it allowed In Pakistan To Take Two Different Vaccines?

Is It Allowed In Medical Terms To Take Two Different Vaccines?

Is it allowed In Pakistan To Take Two Different Vaccines?

So lets firstly talk about the possibility of allowing two different types of vaccines in pakistan so In this regard according to the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health Pakistan AstraZeneca vaccine can be delver by Pakistanis government to all Pakistani  traveling abroad by showing their travel documents like Valid Iqama And Valid Passport at any vaccination center. However no government policy has yet been made on whether if you have taken first dose of any china made vaccine so you may get AstraZeneca Vaccine In Pakistan vaccine as well.

Government of pakistan is trying to vaccinate people who have not received a single dose so different vaccinations will not be encouraged it means that if you have taken any dose of china made vaccine so you can not get astrazeneca vaccine  in Pakistan for now and you have to wait for any kind of further action.

Is it allowed In Pakistan To Take Two Different Vaccines?

And now we have to look at the other end that is it allowed according to health authorities so according to a spokesman of Ministry of Health pakistan about the effects of taking a second dose of another vaccine is We have to look at the opinion of experts because this is a matter of which only experts can give accurate guidance

What Do Health Experts Say About Taking Two Different Types Of Vaccine

According to the health experts there is no data yet on the side effects of different doses of vaccines. Apparently there is no harm in that as some Middle Eastern countries have announced the launch of various vaccines.

People in Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates who have taken two doses of the Cyano Farm vaccine are being given one dose of the Pfizer vaccine as a booster shot. But no one can say for sure that there will be no side effects because research is still being done.

If someone has taken the first dose of the Chinese vaccine and they take the second dose of AstraZeneca so they will have to take complete two doses of astrazeneca vaccine because when someone changes a vaccine it will be their first dose

According to some experts Clinical trials are being conducted in the United States and some European countries regarding vaccination of various companies the results of which are yet to come. Once we reach on any result so it will be decided officially.

In case of taking two different types of vaccine Dr Athar Ali Rana an allergy and immunology specialist at Islamabad’s Shifa Hospital also agrees that switching to another vaccine will not have any side effects but it will be necessary to complete two doses.It doesn’t matter if you have the first dose of another vaccine and the second dose is AstraZeneca you can still get it and now there is research on different vaccines around the world.


Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have announced that people taking two doses of the cyanoform vaccine will use the Pfizer vaccine as a booster shot while those taking the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine in Canada will be vaccinated against any type of vaccine. The second dose is allowed.

Trials of different types of vaccines have also been launched in the United Kingdom and the United States. Once they have confirm results so it will be started worldwide.

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