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Ban On Expates In Case Of Haroob,Exit Re-Entry And Illegal Hajj

There are many Expates who are deported from saudi Arabia in many cases but they don’t know the exact duration of ban imposed on them. Here i will tell you ban durations in case of Haroob Exit Re-Entry And Illegal Hajj.

In Case Of Haroob……

If you are caught under haroob and then deported to your country then keep in Maind that you can’t Go back to Saudi Arabia for Five (5) Years

In Case Of Exit Re-Entry……

Remember one thing if went on exit re entry visa from saudi Arabia then you must come back to Saudi Arabia on exactly Time . In Case you fail to come back on time you will not be able to come back to Saudi Arabia For (3) Three Years.

In Case Of Illegal Hajj…..

The most long lasting ban on Expates is in case of performing Hajj illegal. If you caught you will be deported after finger printing and you will not be able to come back to saudi Arabia for 10 Years On Any Visa.

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