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Buying A Car In Saudi Arab | Follow These 8 Instructions Before Buying Used Car In Saudi

Some people want to save money or buy an old car due to lack of budget. Even if the budget for a new car is not available, the old car is used. According to newspaper 24, experts have said that there are ten things to take care of in order to buy a good and suitable car.

8 Tips For Buying Used Old Car In Saudi Arab

Price And Budget

First of all, set your budget. Mikhail Dochkin, an expert on the Russian website ZR, says that you should find out the price of the type of car you want to buy. Make sure the price of the car you are looking for is in line with the average price of similar cars in the market. You can get all the information in this regard by visiting the well-known websites with vehicles.

Legal Status Of The Vehicle

Before buying an old car, check its legal status. Match the VIN number on the vehicle with the numbers in the vehicle documents. This is important because the VIN number will be able to know the date of ownership of the vehicle, ownership reports, traffic records and maintenance records. This will also determine if you do not need to take any action for the safety of the desired vehicle. 

Inspection Of Vehicle Structure

Before buying an old car, inspect its structure – especially the elements that connect the exterior structure to each other – inspect the car’s color – see if the color is real or later Also check the dates of the front lights and glass to see if they are real or modified.

Check Engine Properly

 Engine inspection is required. Listen carefully to the voice that, God willing, the unfamiliar sound is not coming out of the engine. Also get satisfaction about the leakage of oil etc.

Check Electronic Systems

Be sure to check the vehicle’s electronic system, air conditioning system, wiper efficiency, glass control system and lights as well as bulb system, seats and car floor condition. Computer inspectionBe sure to check the computer system before buying an old car. Find out how long the car has been running and the technical condition of its computer system.

Always Check For  Guarantee 

While buying a used car, it is important to find out if there is a guarantee from the dealer. Also check the guarantee document and keep the guarantee card with you at the time of purchase

Take A Test Drive

Be sure to try the brake system and the speed system. If you do not have experience checking old cars, get help from someone who has experience with used cars or a friend who knows about used cars.


If you are convinced that the vehicle is in good condition, suitable, then start the transaction process. Please read the transaction document carefully before signing and do not sign without knowing the details.

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