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Cancel Haroob In Saudi Online

Cancel Haroob In Saudi Online

Cancel Haroob In Saudi Online

Haroob one of the biggest problem of expats in saudi arabia so here i will give some basic information in case your sponsor files a haroob case against you so how yo can cancel haroob in saudi online.

Before understanding how to cancel haroob in saudi online we must know the following two things

What Is Haroob?

What Are The Conditions For Haroob?

What Is Haroob?

Let first talk about what is haroob if you go to saudi arabia on work visa like any kind of work then according to saudi arabia rules you must work on that profession with that company or kafeel. So in case you left your kafeel for any reason and you are working with someone else then your kafeel files haroob against you that this worker is escaped from me and he is not working with me any more.

Once your haroob is filed so security authorities like police will start searching for you and if they found you before fixing that haroob issue so they will deport you from saudi arabia with life time ban. so in case your haroob is filed so firstly try to solve this matter as fast as you can.

Conditions For Haroob In Saudi

There are some main conditions after which your kafeel can file your haroob status specially in domestic workers cases some of which are as below

You Must Have Valid Iqama if your iqama is expired your kafeel can not file haroob against you

In Case your final exit visa is issued so in that case your kafeel is unable to file haroob case against you.

Your kafeel in saudi arabia have the right to file only once haroob status against you.

Your kafeel can not file fake haroob against you if you proved that this is fake haroob status so your haroob status will be removed and your kafeel will be fiend.

How To Cancel Haroob In Saudi Online

Once your haroob status is filed so you have only three options to cancel your haroob status in saudi arabia which are as follow

Talk To Your Kafeel

This is the most easy way to remove haroob in saudi as you have to talk to your kafeel and convince him so he will be able to cancel haroob in saudi online through absher account.

Remember one thing for this you have only 15 days to convince your kafeel because your kafeel have the rights to cancel haroob online only within 15 days and once its more then 15 days so its impossible to cancel haroob online.

Cancel Haroob In Labor Court

If you failed to convince your kafeel and your haroob in saudi is not removed online then its quite difficult to remove it through labor court. For this you need to approach saudi arabia labor court and to follow lengthy process and court proceedings and chances to win cases are only 30% in this method.

Surrender To Authorities Cancel Haroob Through Jail

Your last chance and way to cancel haroob status in saudi is to surrender your self to police they will keep you some time in Jail and will deport you to your country.

Ban In Case Of Haroob In Saudi

Let me make you clear about ban in haroob case in saudi as mostly peoples are confused about this. Perviously saudi arabia law about ban in case of haroob was to black list the expat for only 10 Years. But for now according to saudi new law for haroob is once you are deproted





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