China Vaccine Approval In Saudi
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China Vaccine Approval In Saudi

China Vaccine Approval In Saudi

Saudi arabia currently does not approve any kind of china vaccine and china vaccine approval in saudi is still under review but let me tell you a big good news regarding china vaccine approval in saudi.

WHO World Health Organization has approved china vaccine and thats why its used in pakistan but you can’t take to avoid Quarantine In Saudi.

If you have taken any kind of china made vaccine and you want to travel to saudi arabia via any other countries so you must Check These Saudi Quarantine Packages so you can choose the best one.

Saudi Arabia has approved the following Vaccine

Moderna Not Available In Saudi
AstraZeneca Available In Saudi
Pfizer Available In Saudi
Jhonson Not Available In Saudi

So according to the WHO World Health organization latest issued statement all countries of the world must approve vaccine which are approved by WHO.

Let me make you clear that now its depend on saudi arabia government to accept or not and as you remember a Saudi medical team which was in china still unable to collect that satisfied information which is required for approval.

According to some sources a saudi medical team is going to visit Pakistan in next days to collect the information so lets hope that saudi arabia Approve china made vaccine.

For Saudi Arabia International Flights Update Don’t Forget To Check Here and if you want to read WHO Full Article Check This PDF

China Vaccine Approval In Saudi

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