China Vaccine Approval Saudi Arabia
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China Vaccine Approval Saudi Arabia

China Vaccine Approval Saudi Arabia

After the updating of Covid-19 Approved vaccine on muqeem china vaccine approval saudi arabiais gaing high attention but let me tell you if there is any kind official announcement about china vaccine approval saudi arabia.

On Sunday late night saudi arabia online portal Muqeem which is specially for registration of vaccine updated its approved vaccine list and added some new china covid vaccine in the list and now if you visit you will get the approved vaccine list as belwo

Moderna Two Doses
AstraZeneca Two Doses
Pfizer Two Doses
Jhonson And Jhonson One Dose
Sinopharm Two Doses
Sinovac Two Doses

Is There Any Official Announcement About China Vaccine Approval Saudi Arabia?

Currently there is no official update about the approval of china vaccine in saudi arabia and its just an update on Muqeem portal and once its officially announced i will definitely let you know.

China Vaccine For Saudi Arabia Quarantine

According to the updates we received which are still unofficial if any one who jave taken two doses of china vaccine Sinnovac or sinopharm can enter saudi arabia without quarantine if he take a booster shot of Pfizer Or AstraZeneca.

China Vaccine Approval Saudi Arabia

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