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Conditions To Issue Final Exit For Domestic Workers In Saudi Arab During The Probation Period

According to the general directorate of jawazat saudi arab employers can now issue a final exit visa for its domestic workers during the probation period of 90 days using electronic platform Absher. But there are four main conditions to get benefit from this service. Here i will let you know the main conditions for final exit visa of domestic workers in saudi arab during trail period of 90 days according to the saudi arab new contract system.

Main Conditions Are As Below

An Employer can get this service if the total number of domestic as well as non domestic workers is not more then 100 employees.

In This Three Conditions As well he can not issue a final Exit Visa for domestic workers

If worker is reported as absent from work
If worker is out side saudi Arabia
If Worker As registered Dead

In order to get the final Exit Visa from saudi Arabia during the probation period workers must pay all the traffic violations.

The last condition for domestic workers final exit from saudi arab during the probation period is the passport must have 60 days or more.

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