Saudi family visit visa into iqama
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Convert Saudi Family Visit Visa Into Iqama

Convert Saudi Family Visit Visa Into Iqama

In this article we will look into the possibility to convert saudi family visit visa into iqama in saudi arabia as well as can any one on visit visa in saudi arabia perform hajj and most important that when will be saudi arabia international flights resuming.

Convert Saudi Family Visit Visa Into Iqama

In saudi arabia law you are not allowed to convert your saudi family visit visa into iqama because this is against saudi arabia law so you can not do this. keep in mind that you can still issue family visit visa for your family members and if you want to bring your family members to saudi arabia on residence visa so you have to bring them on residence visa instead of issuing family visit visa.

Perform Hajj On Saudi Arabia Visit Visa

While talking about Hajj 2021 this year only 60000 peoples from inside saudi arabia are allowed to perform hajj this year and registration for hajj 2020 has already started.

If you haven’t registered yourself for this year Hajj 2021 Click Here To Register Now and keep in mind that this year those will get the priority whom did not performed hajj in previous five years.

I will  also let you know that this year due to limited hajj season the price for hajj packages are too much high and if you want to check Saudi Arabia Hajj 2021 Packages So Click Here. Here you will get the details about all Hajj 2020 Packages.

And while talking about the possibility of performing hajj on visit visa i will let you know that this is not possible.

Saudi family visit visa into iqama

Saudi Arabia International Flights Starting Date 2021

Now  this is the main problem as saudi arabia flights are currently suspended for 9 countries including Pakistan and India. As we know that it was suspended for almost 20 countries but due to normal conditions in some courtiers saudi arabia resumed its flights for them. But unfortunately due to current satiation in Pakistan and India saudi arabia will not resume its flights for these countries.

Let me tell you about one thing that date for resuming saudi arabia international flights are not fixed and announcements can be made any time depending on the daily cases of banned country.

For keeping yourself updated about saudi arabia international flights you must daily Check This Saudi Arabia GACA Updates and you will get the latest update about saudi arabia international flights.

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