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Deadline For Grocery Stores and Central Markets Saudi Arabia

 The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs has set a 24-month deadline for the existing grocery stores, supermarkets and central markets to rectify their situation in line with the updated municipal requirements regulations.

On Monday, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs announced the adoption of a new list of municipal requirements for grocery, catering and central markets, aimed at improving customer services, establishing health and safety standards and developing the external appearance.

According to the updated regulations, the building must have all the necessary permits according to the Saudi construction code, and the front of the shop should be completely transparent transparent glass that allows for clear vision from inside and outside.

The regulation provides for the standardization of shop boards that do not have registered trademarks, the obligation of workers in uniform uniform, and the suspension of the health certificate on uniforms during work for workers in food and products related to public health.

And stresses the practice of activity without hindrance or contention in equipment or equipment or workers, with a smooth and easy operations in the shop, and the shop is dedicated to the sale of packaged food and body care, detergents, disinfectants and tools and plastic and paper products

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