Ministry Of Labour

Domestic Workers Can Allowed To Change Sponsership

Ministry of Labor and Social Development recently allowed the transfer of domestic labor services to establishments through its branches according to certain conditions.

The sources indicated that the ministry required to transfer the services of domestic workers to review the branches of the ministry, and not to renew the residence for more than one year, and if the worker resided for more than a year, he would not be allowed to transfer his services to any facility.

It also stipulated, according to Okaz, to bring a letter of assignment from the employer certified by the Chamber of Commerce, or to be certified by approval within the Labor Office, and a letter from the facility because they need to transfer the services of the worker certified from the Chamber of Commerce, and that the transfer of the worker to the facility does not cause it to descend from the medium green range.

The ministry has set some conditions for the sponsorship transfer of domestic workers with regards change of profession. According to the conditions, the domestic worker’s residency permit (iqama) should not be renewed for more than one year.

In the event of renewing iqama for more than a year, the transfer request will not be accepted as the domestic worker is exempted from the expatriate fee. It is also not allowed to transfer the service of the domestic worker from an establishment to an individual sponsor.

The Ministry has published a model form for the domestic worker to transfer his services to establishments with a change in profession. The information that has to be furnished in the form include mentioning the name of the worker, iqama number, and his approval for the transfer and that he shall not start working under the new employer before the completion of the transfer process and change of profession.

The worker’s signature and thump impression, translation of the declaration for non-Arabic speakers, along with writing the name of the establishment, the file number, the name and signature of the official, and the establishment’s seal is also needed in the form.

The Ministry’s conditions also include that a letter from the current employer permitting the transfer of sponsorship duly attested by the chamber of commerce or the district chief or certified with the approval of the Labor Office.

There should be a letter from the establishment requesting the transfer of the service of the worker, duly attested by the chamber. There is also a condition that the transfer of the sponsorship does not cause to descend the status of the establishment from the medium green category.

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