Download Covid Medical Certificate In Pakistan
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Download Covid Medical Certificate In Pakistan

Download Covid Medical Certificate In Pakistan

If you are traveling to saudi arabia from Pakistan via any unbanned country then you must do vaccination and download Covid Medical certificate in Pakistan to prove that you are properly vaccinated.

Keep in maind that this Covid Medical certificate in Pakistan must be from an authorized and approved medical centers so that can be accepted.

So here i will guide you through the process in which you can create issue and download your Covid Medical certificate online in Pakistan.

Please note that this certificates will be issued only if you are fully vaccinated like you have got full doses of prescribed Vaccine properly and this certificates are not issued when you have got only one shot of Covid-19 Vaccine.

Also remember one thing that saudi arabia currently does not approve any china made Covid Vaccine and the review is still pending as saudi arabia medical team is currently studying all of the aspects of china made vaccine.

Currently saudi arabia Approved Vaccine are as below

AstraZeneca Vaccine
Pfizer BioNTech Vaccine
Johnson And Jhonson Vaccine
Modrena Covid Vaccine

Required Dose Of Saudi Arabia Approved Vaccine For Travel

Jhonson And Jhonson Vaccine 1 Dose
Moderna Covid Vaccine 2 Doses
AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine 2 Doses
Pfizer BioNTech Vaccine 2 Doses

You can still travel to saudi arabia if you haven’t got vaccinated but in that case you must quarantine at saudi arrival and Saudi Arabia Quarantine Packages are too much expensive. You can check saudi Arabia all quarantine packages Here.

Getting Started With New Certificate

Once you are fully vaccinated then visit this Link for your medical certification.

Once you are at the home page of required website click on Corona Vaccine Certificate to enter your all information and the home page will look like as below

Step No 2 Enter Your Information

In this section you need to enter your details like Pakistani CNIC Number Or Afghani PRO Number And enter your Passport Number select your nationality and select Verify as below

Step 3 Payment Terms And Conditions

In very next screen you will see a payment terms and conditions just agree and click next as below

Step 4 Provide Payment Details

In this step you have to provide your payment details like credit card or debit card for payment fee of your medical certification and click confirm and pay as follow

Step 5 Print Your Payment Receipt

Now in this menu just print your payment receipt for record and click on continue as below

Step 6 Review Your Information Again

In this section you will be asked to double check your enterd information if you are sure that its all correct simple go for the next step as below

Step No 7 Download Covid Medical Certificate In Pakistan

Now its all done and you are all set to download you Covid Medical certificate by clicking on download certificate and your certificate will look like as below

Download Covid Medical Certificate In Pakistan

Reprint Your Issued Certificate

In case you lost your Covid Vaccine Certificate then you can simply print another copy of your certificate.

Just visit This Link and enter your all details once you are at the main page you will see two options like

Download Your Certificate

Change Data On Your Certificate

So you have to click on download and you will have the copy of your Covid Medical certificate as below

Change Data In Covid Medical Certificate

Consider you want to change some data on your Covid Medical certificate so simply visit this Link and once you are the main page enter your Details.

Once you have entered your details so you will see two options like

Download Your Certificate

Change Data On Your Certificate

Simply select Change Data On certificate and you will be able to change and modify data and information on your medical certification as below

Note… You can your Name Nationality And Passport number but in this modification process you must repeat the same payment process as done in 1st Stage.

How to get Covid medical certificate in Pakistan with single dose of  Any Approved Vaccine

Now expats who want to travel to saudi Arabia can download their medical certificate online from Nadra website as mentioned above to prove their health status at saudi Arabia arrival and now its mandatory to provide your medical certificate before boarding to airline and according to GACA new circular all airlines coming to saudi arabia must firstly verify all passengers data before on boarding them on airline.

As for now if you are even vaccinated with single dose of saudi arabia approved vaccine then you can download your medical certificate from nadra website by the above mentioned process.

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