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Final Exit Without Jail In Haroob

Hey Friends if you want a final exit in haroob status without facing any kind of trouble and without going to jail then simply follow these steps

Step 1:
Register an application in the embassy of the country you are a native of or the consulates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Keep in mind that By filing this application, you are actually surrendering yourself for deportation.

Embassy of the expatriate with Huroob status gives an undertaking to the government that the expatriate will leave within 72 hours of such undertaking.

Once Your Application is registered your background information and the prior criminal record will be checked. The authorities will handle this step and any actions by you to speed up the process will portray you negatively.

Step 2:
You should apply for an emergency passport from the embassy of the country.

Once you have received the emergency passport you will be sent to the deportation area where your fingerprints will be recorded. Once documents are verified you will be put to Exit.

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