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Find New Friends Online

Find New Friends Online

Finding new friends online is very easy than finding and making new friends in real life near you so follow these instructions to Find New Friends Online.

As in real life if you want to make friend you have to go out, join many events, you should spare some time in social circle and should search many places.

But here if we talk about finding friends online so yeah ITZ easy but is risky means if you haven’t seen a person face to face didn’t know his or her background how can you trust them and share all your secrets with them..

Anyways all that fingers are not same you may find loyal friends online but with a great luck…

Now a days if you look around all people are fed up of their life and wants some refreshments, and a person with whom can share their feelings without any hesitation…

In 90s we considered that the world wide web was strange and mysterious place for people.. But now internet has changed our lives in different modes positive way..

In the present we people using internet and many social media platforms inventing ourselves , our existence and our personality.. In a way that, we use social media platforms we make our profile that represents our self in a authentic way, to share our work, our experience, to get some benefits, get in touch with others, and yes, to make new friends..


Making new friends online video is just for not one purpose that to make gossips every time. You can make friends, women Negro leagues that are connected clear company, your job, or any hobby..


For example, last year I started freelancing and for that purpose I done online courses and moreover I want it to be in touch with those people who are also freelancers, who wants to hire freelancers…

So being in that purpose, I made new friends online that are not just my best friends also are my partners in the freelancing platform..

Now you will be wondering how I made that friends tell you that I just joined, related groups in the social media platform like Facebook and just do post their, like people post comments on then and that’s all..


For me, these relations are great inspiration and that they help me out a lot to learn and grow, not only in my passion but also in my life..

So if you are feeling alone, and get bored and you want to make friends online but you are missing that platform where you can find friends… So here I will give you some tips that how I made friends that I want…

Steps To Find New Friends Online


There are many platforms you will find search of friends online, but recently I joined as for my interest because I wanted to make new friends interested in freelancing and many more platforms are usually use..

But depending on your interest you can get in touch with that specific form…

I have studied many about this and I have bought many platforms that are related to your interest and will be helpfulfor you…

So let’s have a look on these platforms and find that one best suits your interest..


It is the best platform for those people who love to make friends who are artists… Means you will find artist here and you should talk to them by appreciating their work and telling the interest about their work… And you can also ask them from help and more you can help them out..

The Hair Pin

If you have some talent means you know cooking, stitching, painting, creative writing, calligraphy, story writing aur any talent you should definitely share on the platform the hairpin people will reach you, I will like your post comment your post and get in touch with you…

The Toast

Like hairpin platform you can share your talent like I discussed above, cooking, exercise, beauty, costumes aur any other things you should use the toast platform and share your work on this platform, people I will definitely reach you through your post by like in your post and commenting on your post..


Depop is Another social media platform people used for sharing their experience regarding products, online shopping, many people sell their products on that platform… So you should visit that website, use it and interact with people work,,… And commenting and liking their post..


It is the platform for those people high interest in knitting and crochetes..

Means it is one of the best and non platform for those knitters and crochetes..

Millions of people touch through this one platform who have this specific interest and helping each other.. And making new friends day by day by sharing their experience their work etc..


Astrology lovers can make friend online by joining the platform costar.. And connecting people, who have the relevant experience, knowledge and have great interest as yours..


For Gamers, who wants to make new friends you have a huge variety games knowledge, and used to play games should which platform.. They will find million of friends with the gaming skills they also have..


For small business holders who have a little bit experience of business small business ideas how to make new friends online who also have small businesses and want to upgrade their business with partnership, etsy is the best platform for them.. They must join this platform they will find thousand and millions of friends online

This work all those platforms that you can use if you are of making friends online some specific skills are hobbies or interests that you have..

But if you want to use any social platform connect you to those people skills, talents and hobbies so that you can them many other things..

Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, reddit these are the known platforms but people are unaware how to use this platforms for making new friends..

Here I will give you some can you collaborate with other people and make then friends..

You will thought that by just saying hi you will get a reply instantly and will make a friend..

But no it’s not too easy for this purpose you should first start a conversation by asking something from that person you feel that he or she will definitely know about it..

Facebook and Instagram a likely the same but Instagram looks like Kylie business platform… If someone in a group you joined post something, just like their post, comment under it and ask questions about that post..

For example , if a person post a dish picture ask him in the comment box, that how they made it, what are ingredients required in this dish main procedure… And for sure ask to start personal conversation to help you out in making this dish…

Tiktok is another platform used by millions of people for entertainment but will come in handy for the purpose to make online friends…

If you saw someone’s video on Tik Tok.. Appreciate their effort I liked your video and start commenting on there videos…

Now this were platforms, I think a little bit choosy and frustrating to find new friends who will be trustworthy, loyal and honest..

But I know some applications where you can find friends from International countries, of different age , cast, culture and religion..

On these platforms, you will find many friends definitely but will not be trustworthy means day will be just for entertaining, Timepass and just for simple daily life gossips..


Is the one of free of cost platform to join a like minded social circle.. It is free of cost to use and you can download it simply from your Play Store..

Million of users have rounded in this social circle and spare time with each other by helping and caring for each other..


I highly recommend this platform to you you should join to make online from any country aur any part of world..


Yubo is another social media platform for those people who I want to spend know new people and you friends before jumping into a friendship or making any Bond bond of friendship..

Yubo is social networking platform that people use tu chat, video chat and calling free of cost with in the app and even going live stream for free and finding new friends..


Bumble is another female centric dating app usually used making life partners and have experience of thousands of couples.. Who has made through this app..

Daily million of people use this and thousands of peoples connect to each other and make Bond for lifelong and get engaged..

So I think it is one of the best app for both girls and boys who are independent to choose life partners for their self..

Next Door

It is a very bright day for your neighbours?? But you didn’t know anything about your neighbours is the app next door which helps as a window in your houses for your neighbours and you..

By this app you can get touched with your neighbours while sitting in your home.. Behind this it also encourage the people to make new friends within the neighbour aur out off neighbour..


Friend is another platform that is used to make new friends aur your future friends to collaborate with those people who have the same activities interest as yours..

Means it is the best platform to make to make friends best suits to your hobbies, are your hobbies best meets…


Founded in 2007, skout is the application that is used by millions of people because it helps in finding those people who are near to you but if you want International friends it also help in that purpose..

People have the experience from 14 years by using this application and recommended it to the people are taking interest no other people friends..


This platform is a little bit different and you will be get shocked about reading and knowing this app..

If you have a dog and he wants you are time and loves listening to anyone else but you have no time talk to him, so pawdates is a platform launched by the bet keeper.. Who take care of your pet online talking them and entertaining them…


Snapchat is another social media platform that has again egg rate response in a very little time, because it is one of the most entertaining platform where people use a great part of their time to entertain their self and get in touch with one another..

It is non for teenagers and teenagers can find friends easily by searching, connecting to them, and starting immediate chat with them..

Best Ways To Find New Friends Online


A similar platform as Snapchat, and easy to use with simple interface app.. As people use Snapchat for entertainment and making new friends amino is also used by millions of people from many years make new friends and spent some time for entertainment..

I have suggest you many platforms that will help you new friends but I didn’t guarantee loyal friends..

On your own risk you should follow all my strategies… But I feel I should give you some tips or Pro tips before making friend using any social media platform because the platform are trusted but not the people using platform..

Pro tips

In first conversation, just don’t tell everything person still have to check that if he is lawyer, good, trustworthy, honest and loyal that he will not uncover your secrets.. And you will never disrespect you in any situation..

Be intentional on a larger platform that who or what you are linking are connecting to…

Do a favour with yourself, be inspired from yourself, never tell another person in a first conversation that you are depressed friend asking for any help…

Find New Friends Online

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