Get Free IPhone 11

If You are an Expate in saudi Arabia then you must do this in order to get a free IPHONE 11 as gift. Here i will tell you a simple method to get a free IPHONE 11 in Saudi Arabia. Keep in maind that this offer is from STC Saudi Arabia on 89th National Day of saudi Arabia.

How To Register And Win Free IPHONE 11

First of all Install STC app if you already have STC app then Just Open it up.

Once you open your STC App you will get an option to register to win an IPhone 11 Just go ahead for registration.

Now its totally depends on your luck you may win an IPhone if you are lucky.

Best of Luck For Registration.

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  1. Happy independence day Kingdom Saudi Arabia Happy Saudi Arabia’s National Day Sulaiman bin Abdul Aziz May allah give you health

  2. aslamoalikum to all saudia prople and happy National day.
    may Allah give long life to all over world Muslims and keep save.. Amin

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