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Get Saudi Flight Boarding Pass With Tawakkalna Application

Saudi Civil Aviation authority explained the procedure for issuing boarding passes for expates and saudi citizens through Tawakalna saying that all airlines passenger must show the current status of the Tawakalna app.

According To Spokesman for Civil Aviation current status of the Tawaklana app for all passengers has been made mandatory for travel without which no boarding pass is issued.

Tawaklana app is set to be shown at three locations at airports in Saudi Arabia.

You Have To Show Tawakkalna Application At Three Points On All Saudi Arab Airports

First you must show Tawakkalna Application at airport entery gate in order to get entry into the airport.

Secondly you must show your Tawakkalna Application at airline counter in order to get your boarding pass for flight.

Thirdly and final point is you must show your Tawakkalna Application status at boarding to your flight.

Who Can Use Tawakkalna Application To Travel From Saudi Arab

Only those who have Safe status on the Tawakkalna Application current status whether through vaccination or have been ‘safe’ after recovering from corona in the past, must be allowed to travel. Those whose status is not secure will not be able to travel. It may be recalled that the Saudi Civil Aviation Department has made the issuance of boarding cards for passengers subject to the report of the Tawaklana app.Civil Aviation has directed the concerned agencies, including airlines, Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority, to link all data related to flights and their passengers as soon as possible

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