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Haroob Law Changed For Expates

Haroob One of the biggest problem of Expates In Saudi Arabia and to be handled very carefully but now ministry of labour is taking very strong actions against kafeels and companies in case of fake haroob.

New amendments by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development on the list of violations of the labor system included a fine of 20,000 riyals to the employer if he submitted an incorrect absence from work (Haroob) report about the absence of a worker of his company.

The amendments included a fine to maintain the employer’s passport, residence or health insurance card for the worker or his family members, from 2000 riyals to 5000 riyals, and impose 1000 riyals upon the worker’s employment without a written or documented work contract.

The amendments impose a fine of 10 thousand riyals on the employer in the event of employment of women after the situation during the next six weeks, and the number of the multiple workers.

In addition to a fine of 5 thousand riyals in the event that the employer does not provide seats for workers in the workplace to insure their rest during working hours, and a fine of 10 thousand riyals in the event of non-compliance with the controls of the operation of women in all activities where the reception of clients.

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