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How To Register Tawakkalna Application without Absher Account

How To register Tawakkalna without Absher

Register Tawakkalna Application without absher account

As Saudi Arabia Imposed strict policies due to current situation and all Expates in saudi Arabia are obliged to have tawakkalna application installed and login in order to enter to super markets malls companies and all saudi Arabia Airports. Here i will just tell you the most simple method to create or register tawakkalna account with absher account.

Just Follow These Steps….

Download the app which is available for Android phones on the Google play store and iOS phones on the Apple store

Now click on sign up
set up a strpng password
you will receive verification code on the mobile number you registered in the “Absher” online platform.

In case you dont have absher account

If you don’t have an “Absher” account, you can use someone else’s account to verify your mobile number through the “Tawakkalna Mobile Verification” service in “Absher.”

You can do that by logging into “Absher,” clicking on “individuals,” going to “my services,” then “general services,” click on “Register a Mobile Number for Tawakkalna,” and fill in the three main fields (ID/Iqama number, date of birth and mobile number).

The mobile number you register will receive a verification code to help you create an account on the “Tawakkalna” app.

“Tawakkalna” app user ID and password are different from the ones for “Absher.” They are not interchangeable.

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