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How To Report Stolen Car In Saudi

How To Report Stolen Car In Saudi

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country and is really concerned about rules and regulations.Those who are the residents of Saudi Arabia they should take care or respect local traditions customs, laws and religions at all times and be aware of your actions to ensure that they do not offend, especially during the holy month of Ramadan or if you intend to visit religious areas.Expats and locals both  living in Saudi Arabia must be aware of the rules of Saidi Arabia because the government is really strict in imposing penalties.

Stealing in Saudi Arabia:

Like many other countries saudi Arabia does not allowed stealing and it has strict punishment for these thieves.

Punishment for stealing in Quran:

As for as thief may be male or female cut their hands in recompense for what they have done as a punishment from Allah almighty.Allah is exalted in Might and wise .

Punishment for stealing as per Hadith:

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad Saw said that if Fatimah bint Muhammad were to steal I  would cut off her hands too .And he ordered to cut off her hands.

Punishment of stealing in Saudi Arabia:

As all the points of punishments are cleared in Quran and Hadith ,Hazrat Umar bin Khattab ordered not to cut the hands of the thief who steals dates in year of famine.

Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal also narrated that hands should not be cut off those people who are facing hardships and famine because they are in a need of it.

According to our search the punishment for stealing is to cut hands in saudi Arabia if all the following  conditions are met:

1- Property was protected:

If the thief stole a good or a property that was protected   or in a locker than cutting off hands punishment will apply on them.For example he breaks a locker,cupboard or an office than he should be ready for the punishment.

If any thing that was not protected for example if you have left a valuable thing at public places and somebody pick it up than he has to bear a lighter punishment.

2- When owner asks for his stolen property:

If the owner asks for his stolen property than
thief is given the punishment of cutting hands but if the owner doesn’t ask for his property or shows pity than the thief will be free from such punishment and then he will get the lighter one.

3- Two witnesses:

If the thief accepts two times that he has committed the  crime or their are 2 eye witnesses that  have seen him stealing.But nowadays two witnesses are not required it can be replaced by CCTV camera footage etc.If the thief is seen in this video than their is no need of witnesses than the criminal will get the punishment.

4- The stolen property has a worth:

If somebody stile food items or something else that is not very valuable than it might be possible that he has stolen to feed his family or for any other need but if he stole something very expensive like cars,money or diamonds or jewelry etc than he will gey hard punishment and  is considered as crime.

5- Minimum amount of stealing:

In saudi Arabia if a thief is stealing money above than  SAR 80000 than this is enough to impose the cutting of hands punishment to them.

6- Adult and sane:

If the crime is done by an adult who is under 18 and is not an adult than it is possible that he might be having an insane mind he is not having a serious mind and he can not think for his betterment.

So if he is an adult or under 18 so their is no harsh punishment for him.

Reporting a stolen car in Saudi Arabia:

If you are a resident of Saudi Arabia and you are having your own car in case if it is stolen by someone.Than you don’t have to take tension because we are showing you the method how you can report offline an online.

If your car is stolen by someone than you can report through absher for this  purpose you need an absher account.

You can also report by calling 999.But before reporting you should also make sure that your car is not impounded by traffic police if you have parked it at wrong place.

Report stolen car through absher:

Follow these steps to report tha your car is stolen:

step 1:

First of all open the link of absher that is

Step 2:

Than you have to click on the service options under  vehicles.

Step 3:

Now select vehicle management.

Step 4:

Now click on report stolen car.

Step 5 :

Then on the next page you have to make a new request for your report.

step 6:

Click on new request option.

step 7 :

At last click on  confirm button.

These were the simple steps of reporting a stolen car through Absher when you have done all these steps than a police officer will call you on your registered Mobil number calling you to get more information about the car.

Call 999  or 991:

In case if you are not having an absher account than you can report via calling 999.Then the police officer will ask you to provide the following details:

Car registration number.

Iqama number

The exact location where the car is stolen.

After this you will get an SMS on your mobile ensuring that your report is registered.

Now the police force will inform her officers to search for the cas the sooner you report the sooner you will get your car back.

Wait for police visit:

With in a few seconds the police car will reach the spot where the car is stolen .
Then you have to:

Explain the whole incident ti police officer clearly.

They will also ask you to write that statement in written form.

If your car was stolen while your engin was started than you will get a fine of SAR 1000.

Don’t write faul statement.

Visit thr traffic police station:

Thr police officer that has came to the spot of incident will ask you to move to the station with them for some formalities.

Visit the police station as they suggest to you.

Fill a form in Arabic language

Now your report is registered and than the complaint is printed.

These were all the possible methods that you can use to report the stolen car in Saudi Arabia I hope you would like this….

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