How To Use Self Covid Testing Kit
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How To Use Self Covid Testing Kit

How To Use Self Covid Testing Kit

Head of Laboratory Services at the Saudi Ministry of Health said that self-corona testing kits should be purchased from reputable pharmacies.

The price of a well-known brand kit for testing Corona at home is fixed at 40 to 45 riyals, which is important to know before taking it.

Ajil News quoted Dr. Abdullah Al-Jarian as saying that the price of ‘Self Corona Testing Kit’ is not high but it should be bought from a reputed pharmacy. Don’t buy testing kits from any store other than the pharmacy

Before personally testing for corona it is necessary to carefully study the precautions written on it so that there is no possibility of any error in the results.

Earlier the Ministry of Health had released a brief informative video on the method of ‘self corona testing’ in which the method of testing corona was explained.

The informative video states that the hands should be thoroughly sanitized before opening the Corona testing kit.Then insert the swab into the tube containing the specific chemical solution and break the stem from the marked place. Close the tube and drip five drops of the solution on the specified place in the cut

After putting five drops of the test sample solution on the kit, wait 15 minutes. Be sure to check the result exactly 15 minutes later and do not delay beyond the allotted time.

Exactly 15 minutes after dripping the solution on the corona testing kit, if the line appears in both symbols ‘C orT’ on the kit, it means that the test is positive

How To Use Self Covid Testing Kit

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