I-Recorder Record Secret Video

This application is very useful for capturing videos and is the best app available in the Android market for mobile recorder.

iRecorder has many features that make this application more different.

Main Features :

  • Record videos in background while your device is locked or another app is running.
  • Record with back or front camera.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Trim videos after you record them.
  • Ability to change the application icon.
  • Enable/disable preview views.
  • Enable/disable shutter sounds.
  • Supports auto white balancing with multiple advanced options.
  • Integrated Google Drive Backup.
  • Adjust timer and record videos at a specific time and for a specific period.
  • Easy storage location option.
  • Easy to configure duration, camera, and video quality.
  • Supports “auto stop” when device storage is low.
  • Multiple video resolutions.
  • Secure well-coded app.
  • Beautiful material design GUI.

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