Incognito Incode Your Text App


  • Access based on master pin or master text password.
  • Encrypts all kind of files.
  • Possibility to encrypt all files of a folder.
  • Provides a special handling for images, e.g. removal/creation of gallery thumbnail images.
  • Base functionality of a file manager (view on click, send/share menu), but with automatic decryption before the action.
  • Offers AES and Twofish encryption with 128 and 256 bit keys.
  • Displays icons to indicate whether a file is currently decrypted or was changed.
  • User setting for automatic re-encryption on exit.
  • Secure overwrite of the orginal file after the encryption.
  • An additional anti file recovery tool is included.
  • Two layout modes: flat list view or hierarchical folder view.
  • Filters can be defined to filter SD card files by file extensions or to excluded folders.
  • The master password can be changed for an existing database.
  • Provides a comfortable backup mechanism for using cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, …) to save the encrypted files
  • The app can be configured to delete all managed files after 7 unsuccessful attempts.
  • Has an “Exit” menu on all screens, that finishes the task completely.
  • App is locked (master password must be re-entered), when there is no user input for configurable period.
  • Includes english help pages.

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