Jobs In Saudi For Expired Iqama
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Jobs In Saudi For Expired Iqama

Jobs In Saudi For Expired Iqama

Pakistani Embbasy in saudi arabia announced the availability of jobs for all who are job less even with expired Iqama. So jobs in saudi for expired iqama in now available with the help of Pakistan Embbasy.

On Pakistan Embbasy Twitter account some information has benn shared and google form is been given so if you are job less in saudi arabia and looking for a job so you can easily fill that form and submit and you will surely get that Job Insha Allah.

Jobs In Saudi For Expired Iqama

Who Can Apply For These Jobs

Any Pakistani worker in saudi Arabia who is jobless can submit and apply for these jobs even if their iqama is expired.

This form is specially designed for workers in filed of Drivers as well as workers of construction Sectors.

Who Are Not Eligible To Apply

Any Pakistani can applied even with expired Iqama but Pakistani Expates with Haroob Status and Matloob Status are not eligible for this Jobs.

How To Apply For These Jobs

In order to apply for these jobs which is offered by Pakistani Embbasy Saudi Arabia you just need to Fill This Form amd submit it to authorities.

Once you submitted your application so you will be contacted in case of any available Jobs.

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