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List Of 500+ Professions Which Need Degree For Iqama Renewal

In this article i will tell you about the full list of 500+ Iqama Professions which need degree for iqama renewable means you must have an attested degree if you want to renew your iqama.

Saudi Commission For Health Specialist

There are 310+ Professions related to medical field which needs degree for iqama renewable include doctors nurses and all other medical professions.

Saudi Engineering Council

Every Engineer and technician in saudi Arabia must have an attested degree if you need to renew your iqama. There are at least 42 engineer and 136 technician profession which need degree for iqama renewable.

Saudi Organization For Certified Public Accountants

All Accountant Auditors And Peoples working in financial Sector Must Have A Degree Now To Renew Their Iqama.

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