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List Of Banned Names In Saudi Arab

List Of Banned Names In Saudi Arab

Saudi Arab is an Islamic country because its the birth place of our Holy and beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW in addition to this their are also important and Islamic places which are the wealth of the Muslims and all the Muslims of the world want to visit it a least once in their life.

In addition to Islamic norms people also travel to Saudi Arabia for the sake of jobs because many country are facing the problem of unemployment so here in Saudi Arabia many people from different parts of the world are spending their lives in Saudi Arabia to serve their families.

Expats have been living and working in Saudi Arabia just after the production of oil. Despite being the world’s largest oil producer and exporter, the Kingdom is diversifying its economy so there are many work opportunities in the region which attracts many expats to travel here.
While all of these changes are great and new for expats living or considering moving to Saudi Arabia, because its a fully new country and expats do not know about the rules and laws there remain some laws and rules that you should be aware of, and abide by as an expat working in Saudi Arabia.

Rules in Saudi Arabia:

There are some important rules that you should know to avoid fines and any serious penalty.

Alcohol is banned because it is banned in Islam and is considered as Haram.

As it is clear that as Saudi Arabia and their are strict rules about the pardah or Hijab of women. Women should wear an Abaya in public, but headscarves are not compulsory any longer.

You should keep in mind that you should refrain from holding hands and public displays of affection. This is also applicable in the UAE and the GCC because these all are Islamic countries and this act is against the laws of Islam.

Gambling is also banned in KSA as well as in the UAE.

Look out for the family sections of cafes and restaurants; if you are a male who is alone, don’t go in.

Some beaches in Jeddah are separated only for expat and one can wear swimwear and shorts. This is not the case in public beaches elsewhere.

Only shake Muslim females’ hand if offered by her, otherwise a simple hello or hold your hand over your heart.

Only use your right hand for shaking hands or for handing anything. It’s considered rude to use your left hand in Islam.

Respect the religion. Shops, cafes, etc. will close for a short while during prayer times.

Shops and many services are closed on Fridays, the holy day. The working week is Sunday-Thursday.

Ramadan is the Holy Month where Muslims fast during daylight hours.

Do not have any water or food visible in public during this time, even in your car, or you risk fines.

No dress code exists for children.

So their are many more rules related to Islam so you should know about it as a foreigner to avoid any fine one of the most important rules in Islam is about names. Lets talk about some banned names in Saudi Arabia that you should know.

Banned names in Saudi Arabia:

In Saudi Arabia one can not name their children of their choice they have to take Care that their are also some banned names which one should avoid.

In all the countries of the world their are some names that are banned because they are against their rules so just like that Saudi has also some banned names that are not allowed in this country.

51 Baby Names Outlawed in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, parents can no longer name their children after all that desert dirt. The name Sandi has been banned, along with 50 others, in the latest update to the Saudi government’s running list of banned baby names. Saudi Arabia isn’t the only place where baby names are outlawed, though. Other nations around the globe have imposed sanctions against certain baby names, too.

According to the Saudi Ministry of Interior, the 51 newly banned baby names are:


Abdul Ati

Abdul Nasser

Abdul Mosleh

























, Malkiteena

, Lareen,




, Narees







, Abdul Nabi

, Abdul Rasool,


Abdul Mo’een,


, Milak





The names were also published in the Saudi Gazette along with an accompanying statement from the Civil Status Department that justifies the banned names as being not in line with social traditions, not religiously appropriate, or they are of Western origin. Critics of the banned list suggest political intrigue seems to be a factor as well.

Reason for banned names:

Binyamin is the name of the son of
Prophet Jacob, but is also the name of the current Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Amir means prince which resemble the royal terms and due to the meaning it is banned in Saudi Arabia.

The list also includes some foreign names which are thought to be corrosive to Saudi culture.

So to ban the names their are some valid reasons that is to make sure that your name is not one of the banned names other wise you have to do some correction in you name .

This was a brief list of Banned namesthat you should keep in mind and has to follow the rules of Saudi Government.

Naming a child has a profound effect because it exerts a defining impact on that child’s development, personality, as well as its connection to and interaction with the people and things around that child.

Giving name to a baby is his fundamental right of the child so you should think again and again while naming a baby.

I hope the banned names are cleared to you will take care while naming your child living in Kingdome of Saudi Arabia.

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