Microchip In Covid Vaccine Reality
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Microchip In Covid Vaccine Reality

Microchip In Covid Vaccine Reality

O My God You may be injected with microchip through Covid-19 Vaccine? This sentence shocked the whole world but let me tell you the actual fact here.

According to saudi arab medical specialist corona vaccine especially Pfizer does not contain microchip and all claims made in this regard are totaly baseless.


According to saudi arab medical specialist they had tried to find out Microchip In Covid Vaccine if he had been vaccinated microchip to his body by placing a magnet on his arm but he was surprised to see that the magnet Couldn’t stick to his arm

So according to the experiment if the microchip had been included in the vaccine the magnet would have stuck to his arm.

Effectiveness Of Pfizer Vaccine

The Pfizer vaccine strengthens the immune system of the body up to 95%.

Its effect will last for two years. A third dose may be recommended after this.

Effectiveness Of CyanoForm Vaccine

As far as the cyano form vaccine is concerned two doses of it will give you 79% immunity while after six months the immune system is weakened and third dose is recommended if the immune system is weakened. You must visit your nearest to get early vaccinated.


What Is Black Fungus? And How Does It Effects Covid Patients?

Black fungs usually affects people whose immune system is weakened such as cancer patients.

In These days it is prevalent in India and it attacks the nasal and cerebral ducts.

Microchip In Covid Vaccine Reality
Black fungus also attacks the digestive system of premature babies and affects the lungs or skin. People with wounds are also been affected with black fungs.

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