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Ministry Of Labour Saudi New Complain Application

Expates in saudi arabia face too much problem specially in case of salaries. Kafeel and companies does not pay on time so thus they face huge problems. In most cases Expates In Saudi Arabia even Dont know how to contact authorities in order to get their salaries. A big Hood news for Expates because a fully new app is lunched by Minstry Of Labour Saudi. Now you can report any thing and your data will be kept highly secure.

A combined monitoring application helps you to report electronically to violations of Saudi labor regulations

تطبيق معاً للرصد يساعدك على رفع بلاغك إلكترونياً مع تحديد الموقع تلقائياً وإمكانية أرفاق الصور والتسجيل الصوتي

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