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No Fee For Teacher License In Saudi Arabia

 Education Assessment Board confirmed that there are no fees for the teacher’s license and that the fees are only for the two general and specialized tests worth 150 riyals per test.

For Passing the general or specialized educational test is 50 degrees for each test, and if not pass one of them is necessary to re-test, which did not achieve the degree of passing.

There Is no need to enter the test, if the teacher had a score of 50 or higher in the test of teacher competencies, adding that he can obtain the license of a practicing teacher with the entry into force of the list of educational functions.

The Education and Training Assessment Board has revealed the conditions for obtaining a three-year vocational education license “a licensed teacher’s license, an advanced teacher’s license and an expert teacher’s license.”

The conditions for obtaining a professional license include that the teacher has a university qualification, that he has completed the period specified in the list of educational posts according to each license, and that he obtain the degree of passing specified by the Commission for each license

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