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Penalties For Violating Photograp Rights

The Saudi Intellectual Property Organization (SIPO) has warned of the violation of photo ownership rights and has imposed penalties up to imprisonment and fines for violators.

The Authority confirmed that the photographs are the property of its owner, and of the original works protected under the provisions of the copyright protection system, and no one shall have the right to exploit them or modify them without the written permission of the owner.

The penalties imposed by the system and can be imposed on violators include a fine of not more than one hundred thousand riyals. The Commission may also close the infringing facility or have contributed to the attack on images for a period not exceeding two months, and remove the infringement and defamation in the manner that the Committee considers Appropriate at the expense of the aggressor.

If the committee considers that the violation requires a prison sentence or a fine exceeding 100,000 riyals or that the license should be revoked, it shall refer the matter to the Board of Directors of the Commission for transmission to the competent judicial authority to impose such punishment. , And that the Commission may decide compensation for the injured person commensurate with the extent of the assault and the damage suffered.

The Commission called on the owners of the pictures of the victim to submit a request to complain via e-mail or communication sites or attend the headquarters of the Commission

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