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Penalty On Being Absent From Work After Eid

Government departments and agencies will resume work on Sunday after the end of the Eid al-Adha holiday set by the Ministry of Civil Service, at a time when the penalty is extended to absentee employees without excuse as provided by the law.

Council of Ministers Resolution No. (747) of 12 Ramadan 1391 AH stipulates that an employee who is absent from work on the first day of work after the Eid holiday shall be punished by deducting two days of his salary for the first day to resume work until the end of the sixteenth day.

The decision also provides for taking into account some things before the punishment for the absent employee, which is that his absence without excuse, and that his absence is connected to the end of the holiday Eid.It is not permissible to calculate the absence of the day two days in the records, and is sufficient material deduction of double salary only.

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