Pfizer Vaccine In Pakistan Arrived Now
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Pfizer Vaccine In Pakistan Arrived Now

Pfizer Vaccine In Pakistan Arrived Now

In order to deal with the current situation of the world we must follow all precautions and must take Covid vaccination.

As Pakistan government is delivering only china made Vaccine so its quite difficult for those Pakistani who want to travel abroad specially to saudi arabia.

As for now according to Saudi Arabia Approved Vaccine List pakistani government is only providing AstraZeneca.

In Pakistan AstraZeneca is now only available for those with age limit of 40+ and you must provide proof of traveling like Valid Iqama or Valid Visa.

According to some unofficial updates received to Newspointnet AstraZeneca in Pakistan will now be available for all those who want to travel abroad without age limit and many people’s already received registration regarding this vaccine.

In case you are not able to take Vaccine in Pakistan then you must Quarantine at saudi at your own money by booking any Quarantine Packages online. Some of the Cheapest Saudi Arabia Quarantine Packages are listed here so you can check it out and choose any package for yourself.

A big good news for all expates who want to return saudi arabia and they are unable to take AstraZeneca as another saudi arabia vaccine Pfizer has reached Pakistan.

Pfizer Vaccine Arrived In Pakistan

According to official update almost 100000 doses of Pfizer Covid Vaccine is delivered to pakistani government and very soon its distribution will be started. So Now Pfizer Vaccine In Pakistan will be soon available for all.

Pfizer Vaccine In Pakistan Arrived Now

We all request pakistani government that this 100000 doses of Pfizer Covid Vaccine should be limited to only those Pakistani who want to travel to Saudi Arabia as saudi arabia only accept these two vaccines which are AstraZeneca And Pfizer available in Pakistan.

How To Register For Vaccine In Pakistan

In order to take any vaccine in Pakistan you must check your eligibility for this and you can easily check this by sending a short text messages.

How To Get Pfizer Vaccine In Pakistan

Go to your write messages option and type your CNIC number with any space and send this to 1166 and you will inform through A Text Message which will contain your details like vaccine center and vaccination date.

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