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Rape Proof Underware For Girls In India

In the recent past, several girls have taken it upon themselves to come up with ideas to prevent rape. While most of you must have heard of self-defence tools like pepper spray, have you ever come across the term ‘rape-proof underwear’? Hailing from Farrukhabad district in Uttar Pradesh, Seenu Kumari has developed an underwear which will not only prevent rape but also help catch the rapists. Rape cases in a hugely-populated state like UP are not uncommon and it was the report of the rape of a seven-year-old girl which inspired BSc student, Seenu, to develop this underwear. Seenu has developed a device which is equipped with a camera and a GPS.

An emergency calling button has also been installed in the device as per the reports. The installed GPS will help in alerting the police officers and the family about the girl’s location, and a call can easily be made with just one click. The underwear will have a combination lock which will only unlock with the set passcode. In most of the cases, the rapists are not identified, and thus, not arrested. However, in this device, the camera will capture the image of the culprit, which will help with the identification of the rapist during investigations. Seenu says that women do not need to wear the ‘rape-proof underwear’ all the time, and can wear it only when travelling alone. Her prototype for the device has been sent for patenting to Allahabad’s National Innovation Foundation.

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