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Reduce Iqama Fee From 1150 To 650

If you are paying 1150 Rayals for your iqama renewable instead of 650 Rayals normal fee then here i will tell you how to pay only 650 Rayals instead of 1150 Rayals.

So here is a simple method to get rid of extra fee of Iqama Renewal

Required Documents……

Get A Form From Jawazat Office and Fill It Carefully

Copy Of Your Passport And Iqama

Copy Of Passport And Iqama Of Your Wife And Children

Copy Of Marriage Certificate

Print Out Of Paid Fee Which Is 1150

Now Attach all the document and get a token once you are at counter ask the officer to remove wife from your iqama.

Once Every thing went right officer will just make some changes and your fee will be reduced from 1150 to 650.

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