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Refund Dependent Fee In Saudi Arabia

As we know that dependent Fee is paid for whole year but suppose you have issued final exit for your dependent then whats about that paid Fee. Don’t wory Here i will tell you a simple method to get back that paid fee after Final Exit.

Just Follow These Steps.

For this you need an Absher Account if you don’t have any absher account Click here To Make An Absher Account.

Now Login to your absher account and select Public Quarry Available Funds Option

Now Enter Your Iqama Number And Image Code And Click On View.

After 45 Days Of Final Exit Amount will be shown in Your Account And Can Refund It. Once Amount Is Shown In Your Account Lets Go Ahed With Refund.

Login To your net banking from which you paid that amount. You can only refund you amounts from that account from which its paid.

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