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Register Abshar Account

As Jawazat Transferred All Of its Services To New Website In This Short Article We Will Define How To Register A New Absher Account On www.absher.sa

Visit Ministry Of Interior website absher.saEnglish version. Click on “New User

Enter your details Now

– “Identification Number” is your Iqama or Muqeem number without Iqama number you cannot make account.
– In “E-Mail Address” you can enter your correct and working Email, Then re enter your mail in “Confirm E-Mail Address“.

– Default “Preferred Language” is Arabic, You can choose it as English.

Enter your “Mobile Number“, It should be your personal number, Mobile Number is very important to access your account any time from anywhere.

– Then check the little box beside “I Confirm that I have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions“, Click on “OK” button.

Now you will receive SMS Code on the mobile number you entered, Your page will be redirected to another page

Enter “Activation Code” as you got in SMS code, Enter “Identification Number” its your Iqama Number you entered earlier, Now Click “OK

Now you can see another page asking you to enter details like “USER ID”, “PASSWORD” and “CONFIRM PASSWORD”, Click on “OK”.

You can enter your “USER ID” as you like, You can also use “-“, “_” and “.” in between your user id.
– “PASSWORD” and “CONFIRM PASSWORD” should be same, It is compulsory to use “Number”, “Lower Case letter” and it should be more than 8 characters.

Now you can see a message on your screen “To activate your account, Please bring your Valid ID, Signed and completed registration form, Where you can print it or fill it when you visit one of activation center

To Activate Just Follow These Methods

Internet Banking : Login to your net banking account, Choose “Services”, then select “MOI Registration”, Read description of the service and “Accept”, Confirm your information by clicking “Proceed”, Once you finished you will get SMS of activation.
ATM Machine : Visit nearest Al Rajhi ATM, Use your ATM card, Choose “Other Operations”, Then select “Portal of the Ministry Of Interior”, Check your information and complete the registration process, Once you finish, You will get SMS of activation.
Phone Banking : Call 920003344, Enter Customer Number, PIN and select number 5, Then number 4 to activate the absher service.

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