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Remove Haroob From Iqama Esaily

Haroob One Of the biggest problem of Expates In Saudi Arabia and to be handled very carefully because it can result to fine prison and deportation.

Haroob Must Be cancelled within 15 days but there are 3 methods by which you can remove haroob from your iqama after 15 days also but the methods are really difficult.

3 Main Ways To Remove Haroob From Iqama

  1. Ask Your Kafeel And Try to convince him to remove your haroob that’s the most simple and easy way to remove haroob from youriqama
  2. If your kafeel is not helping you and he is not interested to remove your haroob you can challenge it in concern departments but in this way you have less chances to win but you can try this method also.
  3. This Method is a little difficult and costly in this you have to surrender to authorities they will kepp you in jail for some time and will deport you to your country with a ban of 3 to 5 years

5 Replies to “Remove Haroob From Iqama Esaily

  1. Dear
    Assalamu wlaikum orahmatullah
    I ‘m here with legility. But my self kafil without warning gave Haroof
    after than take money 4900 sar
    from self me for cancel haroof
    After than do’nt complete this

    At now I want legilty in saudi arabia
    iqama 2433551666

  2. Hello ehaab bro how are you I want cancel huroob how is procedure kindly inform me plz 0580927059 my whats up number

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