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Renew Saudi Iqama For Engineers Easily 2021

Easily Renew Saudi Iqama For Engineers 2021

Spokesman for the Saudi Engineers’ Council, Saleh al-Omar, said the council had banned all foreign engineers from registering untill they register themselves with council.

Iqama will not be issued and renewed without registration.The registration has been linked to the residency process. You can also check your Iqama Fee for 2021 Here

Renew Saudi Iqama For Engineers Easily 2021

Talking to Al-Akhbariya Channel, Saleh Al-Omar said that the degree issuing agency is contacted directly to check the degrees for saudi iqamarenewal. The information contained in the degree is verified

There is no Saudi engineer who has a fake degree, everyone’s degrees have been checked.It may be recalled that standards have been set by the Council for the supply of highly educated and experienced engineers in the labor market of the country.

After registration in the council the professional test of the engineers is taken in which the engineers are given membership of the council on success.

The work permit and saudi iqama of foreign engineers has been issued only after passing the profession test of the Saudi Engineering Council in the kingdom

List Of Technician Professions of Saudi Iqama To Be Localize In Saudi Arabia 
The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development for Emiratisation job titles that will be included in the decision to resettle engineering professions and set a minimum wage for them.

He explained during his interview with the Saudi Channel, that the job titles of saudi iqama targeted by the decision include

Electrical engineer
Agricultural engineer
Civil engineer
Geological engineer
Chemical engineer
Aviation engineer
Oil engineer
Mines engineer
Military aircraft engineer

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