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Saudi All Sims Code And Emergency Numbers

if you are in Saudi Arabia as you know there are different mobile networks like sawa Network ,mobily network,zain network ,friendi network and virgin Sim network. every one use these different networks as their use and coverage areas so its really hard to remember all these Saudi Arabia sim codes that are really useful and every user have to remember all these sim codes so they can use these Saudi Arabian mobile network services very efficiently,

so we make this app in which we collect all the dat of all these sims from different sources to prevent user from tension and handwork ,

Saudi Arabia Sim Codes (All In One) App Detail:


Citizens as well as Expatriates of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can call emergency numbers as per the service required, This emergency numbers are toll free. If you are living in KSA then you should note down this numbers as you may required it some time in case of emergency.

so we add all these emegency numbers that are used in saudi arabia in to this app so user can call every time on every numbers here are some numbers of emegencies:


902 – STC Mobile Customer Service Center (Saudi Telecom Company)
959 – Zain Mobile Customer Service Center
1100 – Mobily Mobile Customer Service Center
1789 – Virgin Mobile Customer Service Center


999 – Saudi Police Assistance, Police Force
998 – Civil Defense Saudi
997 – Ambulance, Red Crescent Saudi
996 – Highway Traffic Police Saudi
995 – Saudi Drug Control, Anti Narcotics
994 – Coast Gard, Border Checkpoint
993 – Traffic Police Force Saudi
992 – Saudi Passport
990 – Saudi Security Issues Telephone Service
989 – Public Security Saudi
985 – General Intelligence Presidency
966 – Natural Disasters Saudi
940 – Saudi Municipal Services
939 – Easter Region Water and Sewerage Services
933 – Electricity Customer Services
909 – STC Telephone Enterprise Service Call Center (Saudi Telecom Company)
907 – STC Telephone Customer Service Center (Saudi Telecom Company)
906 – STC Internet Service Center (Saudi Telecom Company)
905 – Telephone Directory Saudi
904 – STC Subscribers Telephone Customer Service Center

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