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Saudi Arab Expired Iqama Extension Online

Saudi Arab Expired Iqama Extension Online

Now a days most of expates who are outside Saudi Arab who stuck due to Saudi international flights suspension are facing much more issues as their iqama and Saudi exit re entry visa is already expired and they are unable to extend them from outside the kingdom.

As Saudi has extended the expired iqama and exit re entry visa many times and for now they are extended till 31th January 2022 but many of peoples are still facing the same issue but here i will tell you about Saudi Arab Expired Iqama Extension Online so it will help you to fix your issues in Saudi.

but for now if your company and kafeel are not extending your expired iqama and visa so you can now get help of Pakistan embassy Riyadh to extend your visa and iqama and that’s is for full free and you don’t need to pay any amount for it.

Pakistan embassy Riyadh has issued a special email address for this and you will need to send an email to this address with your full information like your name address and your kafeel and company details so they will sort out your issues in less then seven days.

In case you are in this situation and want a free extension then go to your write email option and type an email with all of your personal and company details and send this email to


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