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Saudi Arab GACA Update About 5G In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arab GACA Update About 5G In Saudi Arabia

General Authority of Civil Aviation and the Communications and Information Technology Commission announced in a joint statementa About 5G In Saudi Arabia that the air navigation systems in the airspace and airports of the Kingdom are safe from potential interference with the fifth generation mobile communications networks.

They explained that the frequencies used in air transport ensure the conduct of air navigation without any risks of interference and meet the requirements of air users to provide high quality navigation services in which the highest levels of air safety are applied.

The General Authority of Civil Aviation indicated that it is constantly working on updating and developing the air navigation infrastructure and is closely following technical developments, including new standards for the frequencies of the fifth generation network, in order to meet the increasing needs on air traffic and the rapid growth of air traffic in the region.

Focusing on the safety component and achieving the highest standards in the flow of air traffic in line with the standards and requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

For its part the Communications Authority confirmed that the frequency bands of the fifth generation network in the Kingdom are specified according to technical standards in line with international best practices for more than 40 countries around the world.

Saudi GACA referred to its role as a national regulator of the frequency spectrum by enabling and supporting various radio services for the national sectors in the fields of defense, security, space, aviation, communications, meteorology and others.

Saudi GACA aim is to enable hig-reliability and safe services for all users including navigation systems on board aircraft and that these systems used are safe from the risks of radio interference through the fifth generation networks


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