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Saudi Arab Work Contract Rules For Expates

Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Eng. Ahmed Al-Rajhi, regarding amending the regulations and regulations for implementing the provisions of Article 120 of the labor system, which pertain to the two-time and flexible work regulators.

First: The rules and controls for part-time work are defined according to the following:

1- The work contract should be in writing, with a fixed period of time and the number of working hours so that it is less than half of the usual daily working hours, whether it is daily or some days of the week.

2- The work contract may be renewed for a similar period, or for a period agreed upon by the two parties.

3- If the contract of employment is terminated by one of the parties without a legitimate reason, the injured party may claim wages for the remainder of the contract term as compensation, unless they agree otherwise.

4- Part-time workers are subject to the provisions of the Labor Law regarding leave, weekly rest, official holidays, and overtime.

5- The Saudi worker who works for the employer with a work contract for some time is counted in the Emiratisation rates according to the ratios approved in the (Domains) program and is registered with the General Organization for Social Insurance as a part-time worker.

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