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Saudi Arabia Approved New Vaccine

Saudi Arabia Approved New Vaccine

As for now saudi arabia has approved only four vaccine but now a new vaccine is added to the list.

Saudi Arabia currntly approved vaccine

Moderna Covid Vaccine
Pfizer BioNTech Covid Vaccine
Jhonson And Jhonson Vaccine
AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine

Required Doses Of Any Vaccine

2 Doses Of Moderna
2 Doses Of AstraZeneca
2 Doses Of Pfizer
Only One Dose Of Jhonson Vaccine

As many countries have developed their own vaccine or they use china made vaccine so they face difficulties as these vaccine are not added in saudi arabia approved vaccine List.

Recently indian embassy saudi arabia announced that saudi arabia has approved Covisheild Vaccine for indian Expates as an equalization to AstraZeneca Vaccine.

So as for now India Expates who want to return saudi arabia can take CoviSheild Vaccine to avoid quarantine in saudi arabia hotels so they can save much more money.

Saudi Arabia Approved New Vaccine

While talking about approved vaccine Pakistan interior minister Shaikh Rasheed stated in announcement that matter of China Made Vaccine is in observations and Prime Minister Imran khan is personally monitoring this issue and soon nation will get a good news about china made vaccine and will be added to saudi arabia approved vaccine List.

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