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Saudi Arabia GACA Latest Circular

Saudi Arabia GACA Latest Circular

To All Airlines operating in the airports of the kingdom of saudi arabia including private Sector.


The importance of ensuring that non citizen passengers coming to the kingdom of saudi arabia have completed registration of immunization data before departure.


Artical 23 of cival aviation Act
GACA Circular No 4/67862 Dated 19-05-2021


All Airlines must ensure that all non citizen passengers and their companions have completed filling out their immunization data in the vaccine registration website before departure to the kingdom of saudi arabia through This Muqeem Portal.

Airlines can verify successful registration process for passengers by one of the following methods

Presenting a successful registration message on your mobile

Printed certificate with the registration number

Verifying the registration using passport number on Muqeem Portal

The procedure will be effective from 16th June 2021

Failer to comply with the circular instructions issued by GACA is an explicit violation of government orders and legal action will be taken against the violators and as well as whom is responsible for the violations.

Saudi Arabia GACA Latest Circular

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