Saudi Arabia GACA Vaccine Registration
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Saudi Arabia GACA Vaccine Registration

Saudi Arabia GACA Vaccine Registration

You must get and obtain one of the vaccines which is approved in the Kingdom by GACA which as below

Two doses of the Pfizer-Biontech

Two doses of the AstraZeneca

Two doses of the Moderna

One dose of the Jhonsen


The vaccination certificates obtained must be valid and must be attested by the official health ministry from country you are traveling from.

You only need to register here by visiting this official website

Saudi Arabia GACA Vaccine Registration

The gap between taking last dose and leaving to the saudi Arabia should not be less than 14 days.


You must carry with you original certificate upon leaving the Saudi Arabia.

You must enter your all information 72 hours before leaving your country.


You must be sure and Acknowledge about the correctness of the entered information so be careful because this information will be verified upon your boarding pass issuing.

Those who are under 18 don’t neet to register through this online portal.

Once You visit saudi arabia official website you have to options either you want to register your vaccine or to check your vaccine record.

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