Saudi Arabia International Flights New Conditions 2021
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Saudi Arabia International Flights FAQ

Saudi Arabia International Flights FAQ

As Saudi Arabia suspended flights for Pakistan india and some other countries so people in suspended countries tried to reach saudi arabia through other non suspended countries.

As they are facing too much issues so here i have arranged a FAQ for you so your all doubts will be cleard now.

If you are unable to fine your answer here so must leave a comment so your question will be added in next FAQ Series.

What Are Saudi Arabia Approved Vaccine?

Saudi Arabia is currently approving 4 main vaccine and its the main vaccines to avoid quarantine at saudi arrival.

Pfizer BioNTech Vaccine
AstraZeneca Vaccine
Moderna Covid Vaccine
Jhonson And Jhonson Vaccine

What Are The Required Dose Of Vaccine For Saudi Arabia?

AstraZeneca Two Doses

Moderna Two Doses

Pfizer Two Doses

Jhonson And Jhonson Vaccine One Dose

Is One Dose Of Vaccine Enough To Avoid Quarantine?

One does of vaccine in not enough to avoid quarantine at saudi arrival and you must take prescribed doses of vaccine in order to avoid quarantine in saudi arabia.

Can I Travel To Saudi Arabia In Case Of Taking China Made Vaccine?

There are no restrictions you can easily travel to saudi arabia if you have taken china made vaccine but in case of taking china made vaccine you can not avoid quarantine at saudi and you must quarantine at saudi arabia hotels at your own cost.

Is Saudi Arabia Flights Open?

Currently flights from Pakistan and india are suspended due to high number of daily case and if you want to travel you must transit through any country for which flights are not suspended.

Is PCR Test Required In Case Of Vaccination?

In case you got vaccinated you only have to bring authorized medical certification and in this case you don’t need PCR Test.

Which Is The Best Country To Transit Saudi Arabia In 2021?

Now a days Afghanistan is the lowest in price and most choosen way to travel to saudi arabia as some Pakistani are also trying to reach saudi arab via Kenya.

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